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Gro3X Family – Dental Science LLC Partnership

Welcome to Dental Science

Our Partnership with Gro3X allows us to offer Titanium Bars, Hybrids, and Custom Titanium and Zirconia Abutments to an even greater audience. At Dental Science, we are a leading laboratory located just outside Atlanta, Georgia in our state of the art 12,000 sq ft laboratory and technology center. We have been serving the dental community for over 14 years.

If you would like to connect with us to begin sending cases submit the form below. We can also offer consulting with our technicians to determine the best solution for your client. Please submit a member request below and we’d love to start helping you grow. Start your membership today with Gro3X Family to begin saving 10% on all our offered services. If you are already a member, activate your Dental Science benefits now by completing the form below.

These solutions are precision-milled in-house on our custom-built titanium milling machines.

  • Titanium Bars
  • Titanium Custom abutments
  • Zirconia Custom abutments
  • Zirconia Hybrids
  • PMMA Hybrids

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